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Tools & Techniques

tools, tools, tools....It is all about tools!

A good skilled electrician & a knowledgeable electrician can both be equal on their abilities, but the tools differentiate their performance; If you agree read on!
In short 
  • a tool is defined as the one that gives you leverage
  • a technique is an innovative method to use appropriate tools and make a difference in "3P1S"
What is "3P1S"?

E-Qual 3P1S -  "People - Process - Product - System"

3P - Any enterprise employs 3P  "People - Process - Product" , 1S - A system that puts all these together to achieve synchronised working to derive maximum benefit
Tools & techniques applied on this 3P1S provide a huge leverage. 
E-Qual 3P1S is a super market that allows you to understand what individual or combination of Tools & Techniques you may need to be ahead of competition.

Photo used under Creative Commons from Doug Scortegagna, ustung