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We are in the areas of fast evolving management systems that require an extraordinary blend of technical, management and industry expertise.

We are professionals who help organizations understand their responsibility to stake holders on Economic, Social, Environmental, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety issues. 

Here is how we provide layered support in consulting

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We engage with top Management to address sustainability issues, Governance standards, legal compliance management, supply chain management, Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate Social Responsibility.

We engage with senior level management personnel in Business & Process Risk Management, Policy Management, Product Responsibility, Quality Cost, Social Accountability and relatd Management Systems

We engage with middle management level  personnel in proper compliance, measurement, monitoring and improvement techniques

We engage with operating level employees in training them to understand the systems, tools and techniques needed for an effective Daily Work Management. 

We make sure, there is a smooth running of your responsible organization, so that you can focus on your areas of stregth and stakeholder relationships.

Management System - Sustainability Assurance - Product Responsibility

Management System Consulting

We are Management Systems experts with consulting experience for over 25 years. Our highly trained consultants are skilled in analyzing problems and creating solutions to meet management objectives. We consult in all ISO / SAE / IEC / BS Standards domain, SAI requirements, VDA requirements and other proprietory sepecifications.

Sustainability Consulting

We are experts in assessment, training and advisory services. By creating awareness on Business Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility we make your systems align with the performance indicators as per NVG , BRR, GRI guidelines /or UNGC Principles


 Product and Service Assurance 

Product / Service Responsibility is one of the major Corporate Social Responsibility. 

The sourcing of components of the product or service ,  Content, particularly with regard to substances that might produce an environmental or social impact, Safe use and disposal of the product and environmental/social impacts are increasingly requiring third party assurance.
Several codes are mandated while producing a product or rendering a service. Compliane tothese codes and standards too require assurance.
Assurance marks and stamping for regulatory compliance are needed in a global operation.
Our consulting in these areas can provide a head start in preventing legal and other liabilities.
Surveys provide adequate feedback on the quality of service rendered or the level of expectations of stakeholders.
Survey can become a routine monotonous series of asking questions or can become a potential tool for improvement.
Expertise is required to ask accurate questions and obtain precise feedback.
We at E-Qual have the experience in designing appropriate questionaire, administer them using technology , validate the answers and provide analysed value added output.
Understanding customer expectations can tell stories about how requirements have changed, how competitors are improving, how much more needs to be done to catch up and move ahead of competion.
Another area where survey is important is in the areas of sustainability. Stakeholders normally don't communicate, but one needs to engage stakeholders to undersratnd stakeholder expectations. Meeting stakeholder needs is the only guarantee for longterm sustainability. We at E-Qual have considerable experience in stakeholder engagement process. Our specific survey design can provide immense feedback from stakeholders to create Policies that can lead to longterm sustaibaility


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