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Ram Charan's 5 indicators to follow

31/01/2016 17:43

Ram Charan, the most sought after thought leader says, Perceptional Quotient is more important for leaders. In his talk to NASSCOM he identifies five things to watch

  1. Watch, look for and find the catalyst all the time and improve PQ beyond 1000. (catalyst are people  who can make tremendous influence on geopolitical or geofinancial, geoeconomic  and product consumption or other behaviours affecting economy)
  2. Amidst the various ups and downs get the anchor of the future (10, 20 years and beyond. Jeff Bezos was brankrupt 20 years ago, but he knew where his anchor was 20 years from then)
  3. Segregate the known-unknown from the unknown unknowns (known unknowns can be figured out by algorithms, big data, sensors, software and so on. But the unknown-unknowns that create the bend in the road). You don't have to be the first one to be there.
  4. Talent must be employable. Buid new capabilities. (Figureout a way as to how to make the talent employable. There is no use talking that talent is not employable). No country can grow without FDI, because FDI is not just money, but the technology that comes with the investment.
  5. Leaders need to spend more time on outside-in and future-back (Time spentin socialnetworks, bridge of information, with the externalbodies and so on)
Disclaimer : These are not verbatim, but notes made out of his speech,  and may not 100% reflect what Ram Charan intended. One needs to hear this from him directly to understand it better

Photo used under Creative Commons from Doug Scortegagna, ustung