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E-Qual3L   (Subscription Based Individual Account) 

My E-Qual (Client Based Group Account)


E-Qual believes in Life Long Learning. 

By having an E-Qual3L account or My E-Qual account, you will be able to map your areas of interest and enhance your Management skills through our unique Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program in the following areas:-

  • Management Systems
  • Sustainability Reporting Standards & Guidelines
  • Social Responsibility Standards & Guidelines
  • Analytical Tools & Management Techniques
  • Audit skills
  • Stakeholder Engagement Methods
  • Stakeholder Assurance Standards

What's more interesting is that the whole program is flexible 24 X 7. 


What's learnt is the tip of a "touch finger" and ....

what is to be learnt is the size of the "internet"


Knowledge is Power; Applied Knowledge is Force - E-Qual3L Team


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Photo used under Creative Commons from Doug Scortegagna, ustung